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SkaleUp is a one-stop consulting company of highly specialized experts in the Silicon Valley. We provide strategic advice and tailored solutions to international founders entering the US market and scaling their business globally.

  • Are you the founder of a tech company?
  • Do you have a new scalable technology?
  • Do you already have active customers & revenue in your country?
  • Do you wish to expand your business and go global?


If you have answered “yes” to these questions, then we can help you!
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Our Portfolio Of Services

We provide a large array of services to accelerate your time to market.

International Startup

Strategic Advice to enter US Market

Visas & Immigration Support

Legal Structure Advice & Company Incorporation

Intellectual Property, Patents & Trademarks

Preparation Pitch Presentation for Investors

Other Support Services (Market Research, PR, etc)

Hiring Support

Accommodation, Co-working Spaces

Key Benefits


Get access to our pool of experts. We work as a team to make you succesfull. We help you connect with investors, partners and customers.


Accelerate time to enter the US market and scale globally by getting advice on the best go-to-market strategy for your company.


Reduce legal and business risks by partnering with the best-in-class experts that will help you save time and money.




Isabel is a global business leader with more than 20 years of professional experience in high-tech, banking, and consulting industries. She has a passion for technology, disruptive business models, and shaping strategy into execution to drive business growth.

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Isabel is a global business leader with more than 15 years of professional experience in high-tech, banking, and consulting industries. She has a passion for technology, disruptive business models, and shaping strategy into execution to drive business growth.

She has worked at Cisco Systems (Paris, Milan, and San Jose), PricewaterhouseCoopers (London), IBM Consulting Group (Frankfurt), LVMH (Paris) and Banco Popular Español (Valencia).

Over the past decade, Isabel has managed globally complex projects with multi-cultural teams based in US, Japan, India, Australia, Singapore, Hong-Kong and various European Countries.

Isabel speaks four languages fluently and holds a European Master in Business Management from the ESCP Business School, the Diplom-Kauffrau, a Master Certificate in Project Management from the George Washington University and completed trainings on business strategy at Stanford University.



Xochitl Cazador, Global Business Operations Executive | Strategist | Innovator | Change Leader

Isabel is an exceptional leader - someone who is able to zoom out to see the complete strategy and vision, then zoom in to identify specific obstacles that need to be addressed to make that vision a reality. As a result of Isabel’s leadership we were able to take our organization to the next phase and expand into 26 emerging markets in the time and cost it would have traditionally taken to expand into one market. She is innovative, a problem solver, and an absolute delight to work with! I highly recommend her if you need help getting your organization or team to the next level of success.

Christina Simonsen, Vice President Business Services - AMN Healthcare

Isabel is an extremely talented woman. She was an invaluable asset to my global financial product expansion project. We encountered a number of difficult issues (legal, tax, accounting) across several countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia. Not only did she help to synthesize very complex information so it could be easily understood by individuals from multiple disciplines, her extraordinary ability to relate to people from many cultures helped to win over those who were initially opposed to the product expansion.

Laurel Crosby, Stanford Genome Technology Center, Research Associate and Entrepreneur

It’s my pleasure to recommend Isabel as a strategic advisor for startups. As a scientist and entrepreneur, I have a big vision but limited experience in building a plan for business success. Isabel provided the direction that I needed. She helped me define a clear strategy, roadmap and execution plan for my new startup and produced an investor presentation to raise capital. Her services were a great investment, since we are finally starting to get some traction with potential investors.

Chandra Chakicherla, President Celluant Systems

Seldom one comes across an individual that is so gifted and passionate about a structured way of solving complex business problems. Isabel has a unique way of dissecting a problem into more manageable components and solving one at a time. Her focus on customer centric view is amazing. Isabel has always put herself in customer shoes and looked at the impact of any solution on the customer business outcomes. As a person, Isabel is a professional with high degree of work ethic

Philip Lai, Group HRIS Manager, Jebsen & Co

Isabel possesses extraordinary leadership, communication and people skills. People just like to be around her. Her charisma and persona enabled her successes in leading high stake, large scale, complex global programs and projects that we worked together for in the past.

Venkat Narayanan, Sr. Director, Palo Alto Networks

Isabel demonstrated a terrific ability to organize complex work efforts by breaking down the tasks in a systematic, methodical and thoughtful way. I really valued her ability to manage the portfolio of projects and collaborate with diverse stakeholders. Her efforts prevented a lot of problems for the team and raised productivity for all. An excellent work ethic and high integrity were on display at all times.


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